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Matthew Series

“The Kingdom Is like…”


“Lord of the House”


“Could This Be the Son of David?”


“Lord of the Sabbath”


“Responding to The Kingdom”


“Suffering Violence”


“Healing and Hope”


“Mission Preparations”


“Marching Orders”


“The Priorities of Jesus”


“The New Demonstrated”


“Something New”


“Sent to the Sick”


“Supernatural Power”


“Worth the Cost”


“Willing and Able to Heal”

Watch Out!
Two Ways, One Choice
Kingdom Interactions
Four Choices
Acts of Righteousness: Fasting
Acts of Righteousness: Prayer
Acts of Righteousness: Giving
It’s Deeper Than Retaliation and Enemies
It’s Deeper Than Divorce and Oaths
It’s Deeper Than Adultery
It’s Deeper Than Murder
Jesus, The Law & Prophets, and Spider-Man
Kingdom Influence
Character Issues
Kingdom Ministry Priorities
No Shortcuts
Anointed and Attested
Prepare the Way
The Preservation of The King

Gifts for a King


Love Wants to Be with


God’s Blessing Mission


“Known by Your Love”


“The King We Need”


40 Days of Prayer

“Evangelize Now”
“Family Now”
“His Now”
“Wake Up Now”

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 2023 Sermons

Rev. David Lauffer


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“Encountering Light”


“Encountering Love”


“Encountering Joy”


“Encountering Peace”


“Encountering Hope”


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“God’s Will for You in Christ Jesus”


Staying in The River

The Ordinances of the Church

Faith vs. Works

Shore up your Foundations
A Personal Pentecost