Rev. Mark Conklin

Lead Pastor
Pastor Mark joined the Dorseyville Alliance team in the summer of 2016. A graduate of Nyack College, Pastor Mark received his M.A. of Pastoral Studies from Alliance Theological Seminary in 2003 and then served for thirteen years as lead pastor of Emporium (PA) Alliance church.  
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Leah Potter

Director of Worship, Youth, & Children’s Ministries
Leah first came on staff as worship leader in September 2018.  Listening closely to the Holy Spirit, she and our multi-generational worship team use a range of voices, instruments, and songs to point us to Jesus.  At the start of 2020, Leah’s role increased to include oversight of youth and children’s ministries.  
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Mara Marsh

Missions Resident
Mara came on staff in May 2021 for a 2-3 year Residency in preparation to work overseas. As Missions Resident, Mara uses her passion for Jesus and those who don’t yet know Him to help our church family live on mission: reaching our neighborhoods and the nations for Jesus.
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Debbie Chapple

Administrative Assistant (Tuesdays/Fridays)
Debbie came on as our second Administrative Assistant in 2021, returning to the office where she had served in the past.  We are glad to have her warm and encouraging personality with us on Wednesdays and Fridays.
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Cindy Straub

Administrative Assistant (Wednesdays)
Cindy brings her love for the Lord and a commitment to excellence to her role as an Administrative Assistant.  She has been a welcoming presence in the office since 2016.
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Tammy Myers

Tammy joined the DAC staff as Custodian in the spring of 2022.  Her desire to care for her place of worship and her attention to detail are blessings to the DAC family.