For students in sixth through twelfth grades, Sundays from 6-8 pm are just for you!
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Here at Focus Student Ministry (FSM) our focus is centered on Jesus; He will never steer us wrong. Our goal is to lead our students into a loving relationship with the Lord. We aim to do this by:
1) Teaching our students about God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) 
2) Leading them into His presence
3)Teaching and equipping them to take ownership of their faith as followers of Jesus
4) Empowering them as members of the Church body
5) and providing them with Up, In, and Out opportunities
Up = Fellowship with God; In = Intentional fellowship with other believers; Out = Intentional investment in the community around us.
40 Days of Prayer
New Year Lesson: Fresh Start

Christmas Video Lesson: Who’s Your King?

We are currently on Unit 2 of LeaderTreks’ youth curriculum The Black Letters of Jesus. 
Unit 2 Summary: Walking with Jesus
[Students] will learn about the basics of discipleship, and that the discipleship journey isn’t without difficulties, but it builds a faith that perseveres. And at the end of the day, what Jesus wants most from us isn’t pious performance, but a deep relationship with him.
– LeaderTreks Youth Ministry



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Dorseyville Alliance Church has instituted a Child Protection Policy that complies with the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law.